Concerned Citizen

A fair and transparent internet experience isn’t just a dream. Koii is developing the tech to make it possible.

Am I using the web or is the web using me?

Targeted ads, fake news, content curated by big-money, data mining...Is this what the internet was meant to be?

That’s the problem

Online content can’t be trusted

Informed decisions can only be made through reliable sources. We are developing ways to make the content shaping our world view more reputable.

That’s the problem

Censorship is real.

The world is more connected and more divided than ever before. Who decides which voices are heard? Whether we realize it or not we are all affected by censorship.

That’s the problem

Access & Visibility

When big-money buys ad space it gives them a louder voice. By making attention a currency we can level the playing field.

That’s the problem